Paula Abdul – Russia
Acting Reel
Hosting Reel
The Movement Behind the Movement
Behind The Scenes
Tumbling – 2
The Kinney Sisters
Sidanse 2011
“Kissing You”

Zack Benitez and Caitlin Kinney – Choreographed by Tokyo

La Fuma Commercial
Semir Commercial
Driven To Inspire

Extraordinary event at the Arena Stage Mead Center for the Performing Arts.

Contemporary Movement
Contemporary Dance

w/ Phillip? Rea. Choreographed by Beth Gulledge-Brown of Uptown Dance Company in Houston, TX

SYTYCD – Solo 3

SYTYCD Season 5 – Solo

SYTYCD – Bollywood

Season 5 Episode 20, Caitlin and Jason dance a Bollywood number to the popular music Jai Ho, a Slumdog Millionaire movie soundtrack.. Another jaw dropping performance. (Season 5 Episode 20)

SYTYCD – Que Sera Sera
Topping Point

A passionate, young swimmer hangs on to his dream of competing in the Olympics as the US teeters on the verge of an economic collapse.This is a short film version of a feature-length film that is currently in development.